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Ben Lewis Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

Ben Lewis

  • 91542nsw Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • 91543nsw Diploma of NLP
  • 10501nat Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP

Ben has been inspired by his deep interest in the healing arts and sciences to establish his private practice, Gold Coast Hypnosis Therapies. Here he specialises in mind-body medicine and more specifically in Clinical Hypnosis and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Initially Ben started his professional journey as a sales and marketing executive in the arts world, from there he moved into his passion for fitness, nutritional coaching and athletics where he inspired people to get into the best shape of their lives and find a new appreciation for health, fitness and achieving their goals.

As a result of Bens personal journey, he was introduced to Yogic Practices and various wisdom traditions from a young age. This lead him to spend years in India and Nepal travelling and studying whilst learning under some of the country’s greatest teachers.

This also lead Ben to journey to unique parts of the world where his focus was more on traditional healing modalities whilst living amongst indigenous communities and cultures. Ben has a love and reverence for traditional healing practices and sees the importance and relevancy of their integration into today’s society and clinical practice.

In this way, he brings to Hypnotherapy a broad, rich and diverse perspective along with many years of health knowledge, skills and wisdom, weaving his multi-cultural heritage, cross-cultural applications, interdisciplinary training, eastern and transpersonal healing arts with scientific applications for the west. At the same time, he brings spiritual health to the fore within the Mind / Body Paradigm.

Over the years, Ben has come to appreciate and realize more than ever how many of these transformative practices play a key role in human development, wholeness and wellbeing. Thus, his passion for complimentary healing technologies lead him to further his career in Hypnotherapy and Integrative psychotherapy.

Ben believes it’s an honour and privilege to serve others facilitating deep change whilst utilizing hypnosis and complimentary modalities as a dynamic catalyst for transformation.

Ben works with each client to design individual programs within the clinic, utilizing the most effective change techniques to ensure quick results. He respects the upmost importance of providing clients with a secure environment to facilitate this process.

During the sessions Ben conveys his personal convictions, deep compassion and understanding of the client’s need to transform their life through overcoming deeply entrenched challenges. He emphasizes that the therapeutic bond between client and therapist is paramount in facilitating sessions with successful outcomes.

Within his busy private practice, Ben receives referrals from Doctors and other health professionals.

Further Qualifications.

I trained with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who provided training that is nationally accredited by the Australian Government.

This was comprehensive training in Hypnotherapy with a major flavour of Ericksonian Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, Waking Hypnosis, Meridian Energy Therapies,  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). and NLP.  I am now extending my training with ACH in Integrative Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis (CBH), Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  and NLP.

I am trained in a variety of complementary healing areas including Transpersonal counselling.

Ben is also a member of SOTEMS Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society, a community, teaching and training organizations devoted to Drawing upon and utilizing the healing knowledge and practices of all cultures.

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People are eligible to claim under

Health Funds

Medical Rebates are Available with:

Australian Unity: 21157617 | Medibank: A036521Y | HCI: HYP1750Q | Teachers: HYP1750Q | CBHS: ASCH1750

Ben is also a member of Numerous professional associations:

  • Australian Society Of clinical Hypnotherapists.
  • Australian Hypnotherapists association
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
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