gold coast hypnotherapist

I have experienced stress related insomnia over the past two years. during this time, I have tried many different remedies including practitioner prescribed herbal tinctures and regular yoga. The different remedies have helped at times, but have not resulted in restoring health sleep cycles.

In depression I resorted to taking a prescribed drug. The effect of finally achieving deep and restorative sleep was amazing. I had completely forgotten how well you feel when you sleep for more than a few hours at a time.

Unfortunately, this was potentially addictive medication and I realized that it would be very easy to become drug dependant.

A friend suggested Hypnotherapy and recommended Ben Lewis.

I attended my first session with a very open mind, but with absolutely no idea how hypnotherapy could help.

Over the three sessions with Ben, we worked through all the issues affecting my inability to get to sleep and to stay asleep.

At all times Ben was extremely professional, caring and fully explained the process to me very well. I am a very analytical person and mentally have a lot of trouble surrendering control. Ben was very patient through the process and with his help; I was able to stop analysing everything and get to a place of altered consciousness. I presume that this is what I needed, as I’m now achieving deep and a really restful sleep. I have even managed to sleep through my house holds noisy morning activity. Absolutely unthinkable over the last few years.

These sessions and the ongoing homework have altered my normal routines and also given me the tools to reduce the effects of stress and I am no longer resisting the process of change. This makes my life so much easier to deal with and I am really optimistic that I can continue with these positive changes and enjoy the all the benefits of finally sleeping properly.

I would highly recommend Ben as a Hypnotherapist and and would certainly be happy to have further sessions should the need arise.