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Ready to break free of the Tobacco Habit?


Gold Coast Hypnosis Therapies Smoke Free Program can help you make the transition easier than you might think possible

Smoking can cost you over $9,000 each year. Plus the sooner you quit the more years you’ll add to your life.

Why do people smoke?...

  • When they know it’s bad for them,
  • When they say it’s too expensive
  • When they say they want to stop.

There are five main reasons why people continue to smoke:

Do you relate to one or more of these?

  • Nicotine addiction – You know you’re addicted when you can’t get by without a cigarette first thing in the morning.
  • It’s just become a habit – When you take a break, with a coffee, or when driving.
  • To relieve stress – It’s so easy to reach for a cigarette when things don’t go quite to plan.
  • There’s just this urge to light up. Any time, anywhere.
  • It’s part of your belief and Identity. You just think of yourself as a smoker.

The smoke free Program has been designed to address and eliminate all levels of addiction. You will breathe easily, live in a healthy and more relaxed way, whilst saving all that cash and adding years to your life

How Does It Work?

During the initial session we’ll gain clarity on your core reason for stopping, locate the triggers for your smoking and replace them with empowering actions to incorporate into your lifestyle.

We’ll then give you a variety of tools that will assist you in enhanced relaxation and becoming smoke free.

This will be followed by a hypnotherapy session in which, upon reorientation, you will be a Non- Smoker.

After the first week you have the option to return for a second session of hypnotherapy in which you can integrate your new habits and smoke free identity at deeper levels.

Hypnotherapy is a process in which you are in control the whole time.

Being in hypnosis is generally a very relaxing and enjoyable state, similar to daydreaming.

Gold Coast Hypnotherapy to Help You Quit Smoking

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What does it Cost?

The smoke free program consists of:

  • X 2 hypnotherapy sessions
  • X 2 Disc Hypnotic Audio set.
  • X 4 weeks after care support.

You receive all this for only $340.

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