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Is being overweight preventing you from
living the life you want?


Have you ever told yourself “This is the year I finally achieve my weight loss goals.”

You begin extremely determined— ready to follow a strict, diet where your calories are limited, keep to a rigorous exercise schedule, and expend your mental energy stressing about food. But after a few weeks, you return to your old, habits.

Why is this? If you’re like most people you’ll become frustrated with the diet regime and enforced exercise. The truth is these diet systems don’t work for most people.

So what’s the answer? Before you can change on the outside, you must first change on the inside. This is where Weight Loss Hypnotherapy can give you the results you’re looking for. Tailor made to meet all your individual requirements you’ll wish you’d started sooner.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program

Session 1 - Shift your value system relating to food

During your session we will get clear on the fundamentals of weight loss nutrition. You’ll recode and release any unconscious “Blocks” and install a new set of internal rules, beliefs and values. Through this process you’ll only ever want to eat in a way that supports your optimal health and your ideal shape and size.

For example:

You may have the conscious thought of wanting to lose weight. Starting a new eating plan will be much more difficult if you’re missing the support of your unconscious mind. That is your unconscious mind must also be aligned to your goals.

A part of you may want to be fit and lose weight whilst another part of you may want to enjoy just eating cake.

A part of you may want to be healthy by following through with exercise consistently, whilst another part of you wants to enjoy resting and relaxing.

Uniting your internal parts together, under a common goal will ensure you will only ever want to eat in a healthy and balanced way that supports your weight loss goals, even in situations that would usually tempt you.

So, instead of fighting cravings for processed food and sweets you will eliminate all cravings and move into a new design of healthy eating. You’ll be able maintain this life long, whilst finding so much more satisfaction and pleasure in eating whole and healthy foods.

Session two – Eliminate Emotional Triggers

Have you ever had that feeling that you need to grab a snack just to relieve the stress? If so you’re not alone. Often uncomfortable feelings and emotions play a key role in “triggering” eating even when a person’s NOT hungry.

People use food as vehicle to distract themselves from unsettling emotions and to “fill the void” so to speak. Some of these emotions may include stress, anger, guilt, boredom, even pain.

In this session we are able to help you identify those feelings and recode, or eliminate them. At the same time we’ll reprogramming your deep unconscious mind to move through these feeling states, with relaxation, ease and flow.

The opposite of stress is relaxation! You will no longer need to distract yourself with food.

Session 3 – Incorporating enjoyable exercise into your lifestyle.

In this session you will discover the motivation and energy to make exercise enjoyable.

You will integrate exercise you enjoy as a part of your new lifestyle. In this way you will find yourself with more energy, zest for living and more active.

You will establish is new pattern of long term behavioral change, moving you into your ideal shape and size.

Session 4 - Fast track your new healthy future

At this stage you will have noticed a significant transformation and weight loss.

You will be on track to achieving your ideal shape and size (whatever that is for you).

This is the natural result of establishing a new relationship with food and your body moving into an alkaline state. As well as this you’re resolving the emotional triggers that used to be in control and developing a healthy passion for exercise you enjoy the most. Here is where you will build and establish long term changes at the level of identity whilst de-stressing and facilitating the discovery of self-worth, self-value and confidence that will open new possibilities in all facets of life.

In this session we will also make even more changes and strengthen those changes that have already taken place, coaching you into the very best you can be… whilst establishing a realistic, sustainable lifestyle design for long term results.

Before you know it you’ll look and feel fantastic. You’ll wake each morning with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction from what you’ve achieved and with a new zest for life and living.

If you’d known it would be this easy most likely you’d have started long ago.

You’ll be surprised at how many people will compliment you on how great you look. This will be further verification of your success. The only additional cost maybe investing in some new clothes to go with your new shape and size.

The greatest part is that your results will stay with you Life Long (forever) as you step into your new identity. You will just find so much more value and satisfaction in looking and feeling your best. The urge to binge on comfort food will be a thing of the past. You will want to follow through with everything that keeps you looking and feeling your best.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program Empowers the most important person “YOU”. It restores your body to its natural alkaline state and it gives you freedom, choice and options relating to food, and exercise you really enjoy.


The investment of the Program is only 8 weekly payments of $75
Or one easy payment of $540

Your Hypnotherapy for weight loss program includes:

4 Sessions of Hypnotherapy

Two-disc Self Hypnosis Mp3 or CD for mini sessions at home
“Your Ideal shape andd size and lifestyle”. Value $100.

Two months of free follow up phone support.

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